An outfit in anticipation of Autumn

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sweater: Evie, bought at TJ Maxx
Shirt: Banana Republic
Skirt: American Apparel
Belt: Accidentally stolen from a suburban Nordstrom junior's department - really, though.

Necklace: gift from parents from a trip to Hawaii

Today is the 15th summer day of 2010 in Chicago above 90 degrees. That's more 90 degree days than any of the past five summers. More 90 degree days than the past three summers combined. Make no mistake about it, I adore summer, but as I sit here in my non-air-conditioned apartment, stewing in my own sweat, I'm feeling just a wee excited for some fall weather. In anticipation of my favorite season of fashion, an outfit I can't wait to try out.

None of the pieces of this ensemble were bought at the same time. I've had the AA skirt for at least 4 years, the necklace for 3, but the sweater and shirt are relatively recent purchases. My mom spotted the sweater on final sale at TJ Maxx, the shirt was the first item I bought from Banana Republic with my employee discount.

I love mixing dissonant patterns - it works so well in the fall because you can also mix a bunch of layers and have it all be visible (as opposed to winter, when everything must be inevitably covered up with a massive coat). The shirt is three-quarter length, but I prefer it cuffed up over the top of the short-sleeved cardigan.

I'm looking forward to pairing this with a pair of black opaque Wolford tights, possibly even some patterned ones, and my favorite black riding boots.


Trevvvvvvvvvvor said...

Damn it Marie, I just assembled a little getup that looks just like this! You'd better not wear it to work when I wear mine... I'd be piiiiiissssed!

Wakko said...

I promise, love. We will never match!