July JackOLantern

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blazer: Target
Striped long open sweater: Ann Taylor
Orange tank: Anthropologie
Grey tights: Gap
Shoes: Banana Republic
Flower belt: J Crew
Lime drop earrings: vintage/gift (thanks Julia)

I reeeeeeeally should be packing...but going through all my clothes just makes me want to play with them!

I'm still in the mood for fall. This outfit was inspired by the recently purchased orange tank - $10 at Anthropologie! I bought it because it has excellent transition potential: burnt orange with grey and white stones around the neck. And I think orange/black look awesome together, even though I always look like I'm going to a Halloween party when I wear them.

My mom bought me the sweater at Ann Taylor a couple of years ago, and I've always loved the idea of bold stripes under blazers. The little peek of contrast makes such a cool frame for whatever top is under the sweater. I also love that the sweater is longer than the blazer, but doesn't look sloppy coming out underneath it.

I originally bought the belt to go with this dress from J Crew, but have found it to be much more useful with other items in my closet as it tends to make that dress look even shorter than it already is. It's elegant and simple, with a few little silk and mesh flowers (mostly ivory, one pink, and one mustard yellow). These lime green earrings were a recent gift from my dear friend Julia and I'm in love with them. A hidden benefit of being the only girl left in the world who wears clip-ons: your friends give you all their good finds!

I'm hesitant about posting photos of myself (especially photos that I take myself...embarrassing), but I feel like this outfit looks so much better on a body than on a hanger. So here you go. Just to clarify, I'm not one of those girls who considers tights to be pants, but since it's still summer I haven't yet found the perfect grey stirrup pants for the upcoming months. It'll happen, don't worry, and I promise not to wear this outside my house until I have real pants to go with it. (Please forgive my incredibly messy room - again, I'm in the middle of moving.)

Happy Tuesday.
[And Happy Birthday to my sister Danielle!]


Lauren said...

FAWEOIFJAS;LDKJCAEFAWEFSF I had no idea you were doing this blog I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Now if only I could figure out to add links to the side of mine I would TOTALLY link to yours! And this outfit is amazing. Can we collab our something?

Hand drawn:

Wakko said...

So glad you like it :) and CAN WE PLEASE?! I'd be so happy! I will get brainstorming girl!