Friday, July 16, 2010

The Very Best is made up of Esau Mwamwaya, Johan Karlberg and Etienne Tron. As their disparate names might suggest, their music is a delightful, jubilant confusion of styles and genres, all mixed together with their own East London flair. It was tough to pick just one song from them to post. "Chalo" is a soaring, pounding dance anthem that never fails to get me out of my chair. Mwamwaya's voice seems to lift the roof off my apartment every time I turn it on.

Also, check out their fun video for "Warm Heart of Africa" here.

Now get to dancin'!

"Chalo" - The Very Best


Anonymous said...

I love that the album cover labels "The Producer" and "The Singer"... just in case you thought it was either of the white guys singing, the album cover clears that up!

So I downloaded the album and every song was mislabeled, so what I thought was Mwazi was actually Chalo which is so far my favorite. My second favorite would have to be Julia!

I love how there is such a mixture of musical styles going on, but it all fits together so well!

Wakko said...

I know!! They're so cool. And I also love the album cover, I actually think it'd make a really cool framed poster...maybe I will make that my next crafty project...I also love "Mfumu" too.