Can't you see, I'm shining just for you

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Black Keys released Brothers back in May. A dear friend lent me their album, and I honestly think it's their most distinct, swampy, cohesive album yet. The CD itself somehow merges the senses of sound, sight, and touch - it is completely black, but somehow the surface is heat-activated, and the more you play it the lighter the color gets. It eventually becomes a light tan, and reveals the album's title written in black letters. I've played the CD so much that its now permanently brown. That's how good it is.

"Everlasting Light" is heavy and relentless and sexy. Much like summer itself. My favorite part is probably the occasional "shoo. shoo. shoo-waaaa" of the background singers.

Best enjoyed with a whiskey rocks and a lover close by.

"Everlasting Light" - the Black Keys.


D said...

best album! so gooooood!

Wakko said...

Isn't it though?!?!