Bad, bad blogger + J Crew WTF

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I've been terrible lately. I'm gonna get better, promise.

On that note, I know I'm way tardy to the party on J. Crew's determination to become a more rounded, expensive, full-blown luxury brand, but seriously...

[Image via J. Crew]

$350.00 for a fucking tank top with sequins on it?? Yes, it's pretty. But if I have $350.00 to blow and I randomly decide to spend it at J. Crew, I am sure as hell not walking out with ONE TANK TOP. Someone please tell me this was a web editor's mistake, and that this actually costs $35.00. (Which, come to think of it, would be ridiculously cheap for J. Crew. And looking at the tank with THAT price in mind makes me feel much friendlier toward it. It is actually quite cute.)


D said...

I agree. I'd pay $35 for it. $350 is so absurd!

Wakko said...

Ridiculous, right?! They have some really high-priced dresses, which I understand. But honestly, I cannot believe the price of this stinking tank top.