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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A cool article that ran today in the NYT about the reincarnation of long skirts as tough, sexy statement pieces (as opposed to saccharine Little-House-on-the-Prairie fare). Exhibit A: my pal Sasha.

I am nuts about SJP's outfit for the SATC2 premiere (I have acronym fever today, no?)
I'm also having so much fun reading the vicious, scathing reviews of the movie. Critics have generally concluded that its an absolute DTTSAAH (Disgrace To The Show And All Humanity) and it makes me feel a little less pressure to ROAPD (Roll Over And Play Dead) when I see it out of blind, unavoidable loyalty to Carrie.


They are called JJ, signed to the American label Secretly Canadian. They are a Swedish electronic duo, they make music that is TDF (To Die For). Members Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander brilliantly spin electronic sounds, wispy vocals, bright stringed instruments and hazy noise into a magical, summery, humid sigh. I recently acquired their album jj n° 2 and haven't been able to stop listening to it. It will be the soundtrack to the summer of 2010, NDAI (No Doubt About It).

Here's a link to the track "From Africa to Málaga", an incredibly lush and pretty romp. For more fun, check out the Lil Wayne sample in "Ecstasy". And the entire album for that matter. I mean it, it's that good.

"From Africa to Málaga" - jj.

Cheers to NYT, SJP, and jj.
P, L, A.
(Peace, Love, Acronyms.)

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