Costume Institute Gala 2010 - Bests

Sunday, May 09, 2010

A bunch of my favorites - what can I say, I'm in the mood for neutral colors and sparkles.

Joe Bryant in Marchesa. This is what every dress train wants to be. The points on the end of the feathered sleeves are a perfect balance to the triangular train. (Maybe I'm more in love with the angle of this photograph than with the dress itself...hmmm.)

One of my favorite little fashion fairies, Margherita Missoni, in who else, Missoni. I hate cut-outs, but somehow I love the waist cut-outs of this dress. Love the thick straps, love her daisy-chain-goes-to-the-Met headband.

Gwen Stefani in LAMB. I had no idea LAMB made more than cheap-smelling fragrance and terribly distressed jeans. Sorry, mean. What I meant to say was that this dress is very pretty. And I actually kind of like the exposed black bra.

Chanel Iman, the fashionista I would probably most like to be, wearing what I was stunned to discover is Michael Kors. Who knew he was so edgy. I hate harem-pants - I love these somehow? Also, her hair is gorgeous. I love how surly this whole look is.

Hermione - er, Emma Watson, in Burberry. There is probably no better brand/celebrity match in the universe than Emma and Burberry. The construction of the corset, the drape of the strap, the ridiculously high slit and the peek of the black strappies - PERFECTION. This might actually be my favorite look of the night.

Another of my favorite girls, Alexa Chung, in 3.1 Phillip Lim. The tie, the red lips, the shoes, the cropped tuxedo pants. So Annie Hall. This girl is consistently impeccable. I can't think of many other people who look just as good walking down the street on a random Tuesday as they do at the Met gala.

Diane Kruger in Calvin Klein. Appropriate, as I just discovered she is the new face of the Calvin Klein beauty collection. A look that thrills me and makes me jealous all at once, since I know that I would look like an obese polar bear in a dress like this.

Ehs and Worsts to come.
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