Free Sub Pop sampler!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Am I the last person to find out about this??

Apparently, has a whole ton of label samplers that they give away for free! Today I downloaded the Sub Pop '10 sampler. Some of my very favorite bands have been signed to Sub Pop, including Iron and Wine, Fleet Foxes, Band of Horses, and Rogue Wave, so their sampler immediately caught my eye while I was scrolling through the TONS of free music on Amazon.

(Is my Seattle obsession still showing...?)

There's a few songs I already knew about, but plenty of new ones to discover! So far I'm really enjoying the entire thing, and if you like free, cool music I bet you'll like it too.

Click here to see the album tracklist and download it!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Tidbits and Acronyms

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A cool article that ran today in the NYT about the reincarnation of long skirts as tough, sexy statement pieces (as opposed to saccharine Little-House-on-the-Prairie fare). Exhibit A: my pal Sasha.

I am nuts about SJP's outfit for the SATC2 premiere (I have acronym fever today, no?)
I'm also having so much fun reading the vicious, scathing reviews of the movie. Critics have generally concluded that its an absolute DTTSAAH (Disgrace To The Show And All Humanity) and it makes me feel a little less pressure to ROAPD (Roll Over And Play Dead) when I see it out of blind, unavoidable loyalty to Carrie.


They are called JJ, signed to the American label Secretly Canadian. They are a Swedish electronic duo, they make music that is TDF (To Die For). Members Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander brilliantly spin electronic sounds, wispy vocals, bright stringed instruments and hazy noise into a magical, summery, humid sigh. I recently acquired their album jj n° 2 and haven't been able to stop listening to it. It will be the soundtrack to the summer of 2010, NDAI (No Doubt About It).

Here's a link to the track "From Africa to Málaga", an incredibly lush and pretty romp. For more fun, check out the Lil Wayne sample in "Ecstasy". And the entire album for that matter. I mean it, it's that good.

"From Africa to Málaga" - jj.

Cheers to NYT, SJP, and jj.
P, L, A.
(Peace, Love, Acronyms.)

Proximity to water makes the soul a little gentler.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Seattle. Blue Scholars are Seattle's best hip-hop export (if you even so much as think the words "Sir-Mix-A-Lot" I will punch you). Geologic's spoken word roots are noticeable: varied structures, complex grammatical devices...but they're never overpowering. His rhymes are the perfect compliment to Sabzi's beats. (Sabzi is also the DJ for Common Market, another of my Seattle favorites.) Their latest album, the Oof EP, has them taking their first journey away from the Northwest and spending some time in Hawaii - I highly recommend the entire album for a breath of fresh air.

"The Inkwell" is a track from their 2005 self-titled album. Like the whole disc, it features bobbing beats and chopped up jazz tracks. It'll make your head nod and your mind race - don't fight it.

"The Inkwell" - Blue Scholars

Again, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the orange "download" link.

A few cool websites...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A t-shirt blog, updated daily, featuring cool graphics:

A roll of look-books made by aspiring designers and bloggers around the world:

A highly amusing video of what people in the 1930s imagined us wearing as citizens of the new millenia (they really weren't that far off):

Interiors by...Zac Posen?

Friday, May 14, 2010

[Photos courtesy of]

16w21, a new complex sandwiched between the Flatiron district, Chelsea, Union Square and Greenwich Village in New York, has a duplex for sale that was decorated and furnished entirely by wunderkind Zac Posen. The waiting list to see it is 500 people long. I don't have much to say except Holy. Shit.

He says it's for a "Sex and the City girl". I say you'd have to be an indulgent, glamorous, self-obsessed blown-up cartoon character to stomach living in anything so lavish. So yeah, I guess he's right. (No offense to Zac or Carrie and the girls, I really do love each of you.)

I actually do kind of like the pink, marigold, and orange living room. But both of the bedrooms terrify me, particularly the grey/purple scheme. Which is a bummer, because grey and purple are two of my favorite colors for interiors. The rest of the apartments in the building look lovely - their interiors were also worked on by Zac, but in a much more reasonable, practical context. Give me a touch of Zac anyday, but I don't think I could survive in anything so sumptious as this apartment.

Wear a tall hat and a tattooed gown.

This band, in all its black and white bad-haired glory, is accredited with giving birth to Glam Rock. Where in the world would we be without them. Thank you T. Rex. I salute you.

"Ride a White Swan" made T. Rex a hit in 1970 when it was released, after a few years of lead singer Marc Bolan struggling to find his sound and following. It's catchy and simple and I like it quite a lot.

"Ride a White Swan" - T. Rex

It kicks and it kicks like a pony.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

[Photo by Angela Kohler]

I had the pleasure of seeing A Fine Frenzy, aka Alison Sudol, a few years ago when she was opening for Rufus Wainwright. I admit I wasn't a huge fan of hers then: her first effort, One Cell in the Sea, seemed repetitive. There were gems, but the resounding heartache and piano-fueled melodrama didn't work for me. Her second album, Bomb in a Birdcage, has shown huge improvement. Electric instruments! Faster tempos! Effects! Anger! Happiness! Something Other Than Depression!!

The track "Electric Twist" was probably in my top 5 Most Played Songs of 2009. It's joyful and sparkly and sassy. If you don't already have a sweet tooth you'll probably hate it, but if you do, this is a good one to indulge with.

If you like this track I also highly recommend "Blow Away" and "Stood Up". Also, there's a cute video for the song on her website, here.

"Electric Twist" - A Fine Frenzy

Anna Sui RTW Fall 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am obsessed with everything in Anna Sui's Fall 2010 collection. Its Through The Looking Glass meets The Hobbit. Anybody who knows me will tell you that I have a thing for crazily-patterned dresses and anything that hearkens to Bohemia, so this collection is a perfect fit to my taste. (I'm also loving Aggy's haircut. And Karen Elson's hair is always gorgeous, particularly against the white of that last dress.)

(PS - Sorry the right side of the video is a little cut-off...working on it...)

Vintage (Books+Tees) = Thumbs Up

Today I found Out of Print, an awesome online shop that prints the original covers of classic books on vintage t-shirts. I'm not typically a t-shirt wearing girl, but I think this is such a cool idea. All the shirts are $28, and for every t-shirt bought Out of Print donates a book to their non-profit partner, Books for Africa.

I'm all about the F. Scott Fitzgerald (above), J.D. Salinger and Maya Angelou covers. I also dig the Tennessee Williams one, but I'd need to read Streetcar first...and any t-shirt that motivates me to read is okay by me.

I know I'll find the recipe.

Monday, May 10, 2010

I love hip-hop. Particularly hip-hop that bounces. I also (unfortunately) love shows about spoiled teenagers from California. Therefore, logically, Toronto's K-OS + the hook from the OC theme song "California" = HAPPINESS!

"I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman", by K-OS.

PS. How beautiful is he? How did I never notice......????

So damn easy to love.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Beyoncé, being frightening and sexy in a way that only she can. I love every single thing she wears in this video.

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

Costume Institute Gala 2010 - Bests

A bunch of my favorites - what can I say, I'm in the mood for neutral colors and sparkles.

Joe Bryant in Marchesa. This is what every dress train wants to be. The points on the end of the feathered sleeves are a perfect balance to the triangular train. (Maybe I'm more in love with the angle of this photograph than with the dress itself...hmmm.)

One of my favorite little fashion fairies, Margherita Missoni, in who else, Missoni. I hate cut-outs, but somehow I love the waist cut-outs of this dress. Love the thick straps, love her daisy-chain-goes-to-the-Met headband.

Gwen Stefani in LAMB. I had no idea LAMB made more than cheap-smelling fragrance and terribly distressed jeans. Sorry, mean. What I meant to say was that this dress is very pretty. And I actually kind of like the exposed black bra.

Chanel Iman, the fashionista I would probably most like to be, wearing what I was stunned to discover is Michael Kors. Who knew he was so edgy. I hate harem-pants - I love these somehow? Also, her hair is gorgeous. I love how surly this whole look is.

Hermione - er, Emma Watson, in Burberry. There is probably no better brand/celebrity match in the universe than Emma and Burberry. The construction of the corset, the drape of the strap, the ridiculously high slit and the peek of the black strappies - PERFECTION. This might actually be my favorite look of the night.

Another of my favorite girls, Alexa Chung, in 3.1 Phillip Lim. The tie, the red lips, the shoes, the cropped tuxedo pants. So Annie Hall. This girl is consistently impeccable. I can't think of many other people who look just as good walking down the street on a random Tuesday as they do at the Met gala.

Diane Kruger in Calvin Klein. Appropriate, as I just discovered she is the new face of the Calvin Klein beauty collection. A look that thrills me and makes me jealous all at once, since I know that I would look like an obese polar bear in a dress like this.

Ehs and Worsts to come.
[All photos from]

Isabela Capeto Winter 2010

Monday, May 03, 2010

I very much appreciate when designers clue us into their inspiration. Let's be serious, when given confusing enough material people will cite ANYTHING as an influence for a collection, if only to have something to ground us. (If it's early enough in a day, I wouldn't put it past myself to cite "the endless, useless existence of red stripes on white plastic straws" as a legitimate source of inspiration.) So as I was checking out the work of Brazilian designer Miss Isabela Capeto I was happy to see a couple of notes on the collections right there on her website.

The art nerd in me was even more excited to see this quote there, under her collection "Militar" for Winter 2010: "There is no reason not to consider the world as one gigantic painting. I put my trust in the materials that confront me, because they put me in touch with the unknown. It is then that I begin to work - when I don't have the comfort of certainty." - Robert Rauschenberg.

It goes on to talk about the ideas of technology, unlimited access, and filtering. As a viewer (and a fan), I put my trust in Capeto's pieces as Rauschenberg suggested, just to see where the adventure would go. I'm happy to say it went only wonderful places. The website goes on to list all the major colors, fabrics, prints, materials, and forms used throughout the collection. She presents her collection as more than a 15-minute spectacle: all these bits of information act as an outline for understanding, and create a small net to catch us as we float adrift through a seemingly bottomless ocean of information (and fashion). Beyond this, she cites BY NAME all of the other people involved in making her collection/show a success, which I think is very very cool. Much respect, Isabela.

As for specific notes on the collection, lots of highs and very few lows. Adore the dress in look 1, love the earrings in look 2 even more. Overall favorites include look 6 (page 7 - tiger print dress with peach and black belt), look 20 (page 20 - military green silk tank with coral splatter pattern, grey waist belt and metallic striped pants), and look 22 (page 22 - orange white tiger pattern tunic dress with cinched waist and gold jewlery). I heard a rumor that Capeto's designs are actually available in Chicago at Blake, but alas, I don't have the cash to fund a trip to Blake. Maybe someday......

I'm fairly sure I'm only babbling now - I'll leave you to explore the looks yourself.