It's quite romantic, I know.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Music often coincides with seasons. Give me Nico in the fall, Billie in the winter, and Feist in the spring. There's obvious wiggle room, and these are all great artists no matter the weather.

But there is one song in the world that is ABSOLUTELY AND UTTERLY WRONG to listen to until the first signs of summer creep in. In celebration of 82 degrees, and sunshine, and exploding buds, and bright flowers, and short skirts, and the breezy Chicago lakeshore, I give you "Heartbeat" by the adorable Frenchies, Tahiti 80. In fact, I think every song in this band's catalog belongs in the summer.

I am warning you - if you aren't somewhere warm right now, don't bother listening to this song until you are. It will make no sense.

"Heartbeat" - Tahiti 80

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Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

I listen to this song during Winter to pull me out of my misery... haha.

Wacko said...

Haha, genius.