It's quite romantic, I know.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Music often coincides with seasons. Give me Nico in the fall, Billie in the winter, and Feist in the spring. There's obvious wiggle room, and these are all great artists no matter the weather.

But there is one song in the world that is ABSOLUTELY AND UTTERLY WRONG to listen to until the first signs of summer creep in. In celebration of 82 degrees, and sunshine, and exploding buds, and bright flowers, and short skirts, and the breezy Chicago lakeshore, I give you "Heartbeat" by the adorable Frenchies, Tahiti 80. In fact, I think every song in this band's catalog belongs in the summer.

I am warning you - if you aren't somewhere warm right now, don't bother listening to this song until you are. It will make no sense.

"Heartbeat" - Tahiti 80

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Wise up to the stories you've been told.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Diane Birch reminds me quite a bit of Joni Mitchell (that is an enormous compliment). She is positively precious, and she's still got swag. I'd guess she graduated from the Zooey Deschanel school of "I'm Every Guy's Dreamgirl But Somehow Girls Still Adore Me Too". No clue what she was doing on tour with one of the Jonas Brothers, but anyway, here is a beautiful song she wrote. Also, check out the adorable video for "Valentino" on her website.

"Rise Up" - Diane Birch.

Joe Casely-Hayford Spring/Summer 2010

[Photo by Ben Weller]

I must admit, I know almost nothing about menswear. I love looking at it, I love seeing it on men, I love seeing it on women even more. I can look at an entire outfit and understand it as a unit, but when the pieces are separated and hung I have no clue where to begin. As a result I typically only understand menswear when it is presented on a runway or in a lookbook - when it is a completed outfit. I know, it's silly, and if I put in the time and effort I could be thoroughly versed in the combination of parts to make the whole, but alas, I haven't the time to spend.

SO, in light of this, here is a post about a man who makes gorgeous, edgy clothes for gorgeous, edgy men: Joe Casely-Hayford. He's been around since the 80s and has dressed rockers from Liam Gallagher to Tori Amos to Lou Reed. I first noticed him when he was also designing for women - he did a collection that featured trench coats tucked into high-waisted skirts a few years back. He is currently working with his son Charlie (right, above) on a line exclusively focused on menswear, and I am loving the Spring/Summer '1o collection.

A few of my favorites:
Left: the pattern on the shirt, the lay of the collar on the trench. Shorts with the trench. On the model on the right I am obsessed with the cropped, bunched pants/long jacket combination. The band on his arm is also gorgeous and appears in several of the other looks.

I love the chunky shoe, another common thread in this collection. Again, the cropped and bunched pants coupled with a blazer is awesome. The collar on the shirt is gorgeous, and the scarf around the neck gives it just enough haughtiness to work. I adore the color of the pants/jacket.

A combination of a bunch of the elements I like: cropped pants, blazer, chunky shoes, white pattern.

One third British colonial museum, one third London street, one third sparkling runway. I love the high cuff and short vest on the model on the right. I also love the short sleeves with the woven peeking underneath on both models.

What blows us here today will blow us all away.

Friday, April 02, 2010

It's been unseasonably gorgeous in Chicago this week. Wednesday I took an enormous puppy to the dog beach, and got to grill outside. 81 today - though I was stuck inside for most of the day, we kept the doors open at the store so it wasn't a total loss.

I haven't been able to stop listening to this tune by Dr. Dog. There aren't many that are better for sunshiny days. The flutes at the end may lift you off the ground, I suggest wearing heavy shoes just to be safe. Unless you're like me and you want to be lifted. In which case you should just let the magic happen.

"The Breeze" - Dr. Dog.