Hilz Hahnz

Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Internets, If we're going to continue this way, I need to be honest about something.

I am very passionate, and I am very afraid. I used to be fearless - but, you know, people age and close up and become neurotic balls of nerves, blah blah blah. I share this tidbit because I am in the process of trying to conquer one of many fears that has taken hold in the past 4-5 years: stage fright.

Someday in the near or far future I am GOING to give another recital. My first since I was barely 19. Additionally, I'm going to play a piece that has seen me through a lot of difficult times: the second Bach partita. It's irrationally long, difficult, and gorgeous. It is for one violin - I will be totally fucking exposed, which might be my biggest fear of all. Truthfully, I have no business playing it, but whatever.

So, as a means of inspiring some courage in myself, I've been listening to Hilary Hahn's recordings quite a bit. A lot of people say she's too robotic - I say they can jump off a damn cliff. I will defend her to the bitter end.

Here is her Courante, the second movement of the second partita.

May God help me.

"Partita II, II: Courante", performed by Hilary Hahn and written by JS Bach.


Ashley said...

Ok... I got her CD of the Bach Partitas and Sonatas... she recorded them when she was 16. Gr. Anyway... my Grandparents saw her and loved her and had her sign it for me. I think I got that CD when I was a Soph in HS. I could not count, if I tried, the amount of times I've listened to it. Her Chaconne won't even play off the disc anymore because I played and rewound it so much... I have memories of sitting on the bus on the way home from school, rewinding to a part around the 12 minute mark that made my cry every time I listened to it. God, why did I have friends? But seriously... that recording is wonderful. And I agree that those people can jump off a cliff.

Wacko said...

It's really so wonderful. And also, I'd like to go back in time and hug the small version of you tearing up on the bus while listening to Bach. I think I remember doing the same thing at least once or twice...